Defeating the Dreaded Reading Slump

With the start of the fall season, I had a plan. I was determined that this would be the time to make a dent into my ever-growing TBR pile. I picked out about eight books to start with and was going to pick out another eight when I finished those. I started off strong in September. I flew through the first three books with ease, but suddenly, everything changed. The oh so dreaded reading slump had arrived. I find that this happens to me about twice a year; once in  the beginning of the year and once towards the end.  I haven’t been able to read more than a few pages of anything since the middle of September. That’s a month and a half of practically no reading! Oh, the shame! The horror! 😱 That being said I am proud to announce that the slump is officially over! I finally finished a book (well, graphic novel, but it’s something) and have started going through my TBR quest once again. Here are three things that helped me to get back into reading.

  1. Don’t read.

I know what you’re thinking. How will not reading help me to start reading again? Some smart person once said, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” and that couldn’t possibly be any truer when it comes to reading. My reading slumps usually occur after a good old-fashioned binge reading session. It’s like a little food coma after a massive lunch. (Lunch🍡….yummmmm!!…. food …. pizzaaaa🍕…. fries🍟…. cookies🍪…. 🍩mmmmmm!!.. I think I’m hungry..) You need to let the lingering feels from your recent reading expedition subside and come to terms with themselves. We all know how authors like to scar their readers’ hearts and souls and we need to give time for our wounds to heal before we open up new ones. We need to start to miss the gut-wrenching heartache of having our favorite character killed off or our favorite couple being tragically torn apart. We need to crave the adventure that reading offers and sometimes that requires us to take a step back from reading in order to come back full force. Instead of reading, try binge watching your favorite show on Netflix or work on some crafty DIY Pinterest projects that never come out how it is in the picture or if you’re really desperate you can even do something productive like cleaning.

2. Read something fun and short.

When you are in a slump, you need something that reminds you about just how much excitement can come from reading. The best way to do that is with a book that is short and lighthearted, like a good cartoon. Try reading a fun graphic novel or some short stories. The plot progresses quickly and you feel accomplished and motivated after finishing a book.

3. Surround yourself with book related content.

Excitement is contagious. I find that when I see how excited other people get over reading, it makes me excited to pick up a book and start reading it too. Start browsing some new books, watch some fun book tags on Youtube, read some reviews on a blog, or buy some cute new bookmarks. You want to refocus your attention on your ultimate goal of reading.

Theses are what helped me to finally get out of my slump and I hope they help some of you when you find yourself in your own little slump. Do you guys have any  tricks of your own?


4 thoughts on “Defeating the Dreaded Reading Slump

  1. After a reading slump, I stop reading for a long time. I nevr knew it helped, i just never felt like reading after that. TheN after some time i would begin reading again and realize that I had been missing out.


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